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A WildlifeLink Project...
WildlifeLink Sanctuary


Headquarters of Australian Seabird Rescue

Lance and Marny with Gail (Foundation Director) on Day 1 of the new base for ASR

In 2004 the Foundation purchased a 5 acre riverfront property on the banks of North Creek river outside Ballina on the far north coast of New South Wales.  It is situated on protected wetland, and is home to many native fauna in its ponds and bushland.

The property has been developed as a wildlife sanctuary and operating base for the rescue and rehabilitation activities of Australian Seabird Rescue.  It also houses a Coastal Discovery Centre showcasing the coastal environment, and an educational facility.

Groups of primary school children are frequent visitors, and are taught in a fun environment about the dangers of discarded fishing line and plastic bags, and thrill to the sight of the turtles in care swimming in the turtle pool.

The sanctuary also hosts many ASR seminars and workshops.

About Australian Seabird Rescue, its founder Lance Ferris, Marny Bonner and the ASR team:

Lance Ferris had been a native bird carer for many years before focussing on pelican rescue in 1992.  That was when he discovered that 35% of Ballina's pelicans were crippled and injured by fishing tackle.  In 1993, he was joined by Marny Bonner and several other volunteers - after surveying other major estuaries throughout the north coast of New South Wales, it became clear that wherever there were pelicans there were injured pelicans - and so Australian Seabird Rescue was born.

Since then the ranks of the volunteer team and commercial supporters have been swelling almost daily as the word spreads about the work of this unique organisation.

As well as rescuing and caring for all species of sea and shorebirds, ASR also rescues and rehabilitates injured turtles and marine reptiles, and is often the first to arrive at a whale or dolphin stranding.

Australian Seabird Rescue's commitment to the primary care of wildlife, the education of other carers throughout coastal Australia, and involvement with community and school groups to further awareness of wildlife and its habitat is in harmony with the Foundation's aims and philosophies.  The Foundation is proud to support the continuing development of the sanctuary into a state-of-the art rehabilitation centre, and ASR's widespread educational activities.

Learn more about Australian Seabird Rescue by going to www.seabirdrescue.org